Friday, November 16, 2018

By The Way, Lets Have an Audit Before You Go...

I got an email this week at work notifying me of the new audit we are now required to do and that it had a 10 day deadline. 

I thought I was going to cry! Here I am trying to train my replacement and we now have to drop everything and do a new audit.  

Add that to the fact that I am trying to take belongings and boxes home from work and get things wound down for my last day of work on the 30th. What timing! 

After I had my own little inward temper tantrum, I started going through the audit instructions and checklist and mentally checked things off. "I have that". "I know where to get that". "I need that from county purchasing".  I felt a little better. 

I gathered documents yesterday and made cover sheets and scanned everything (we are talking close to 500 pages) and now I only lack one thing and that is for the county attorney to release one document.  Depending on when I get her official "ok", I should have everything uploaded by Monday or Tuesday. 

I feel better. No more tantrum or panic attack.  

Monday, November 12, 2018

Packing Progress

It's a county holiday today and I am planning to use the time packing for our move.

I wish I could get back in the garage to work and sort there but it is raining yet again so that project will have to be delayed for now.

In the meantime, other than house clean up and some laundry, I think I will tackle closets. I am sorting, and eliminating stuff I don't want to move and boxing things up we can do without till we do move.

We had one other move that took place in December some years ago. It was when we first came to Georgetown and we had "professional movers" moving us.

I was pretty disappointed with how the professionals do things. I had a lot of dings and scratches on furniture and I had stuff boxed together that should have never gone in the same box, such as the bread I discovered in a box marked for dishes. Being that I thought it was the set of china I only use at holidays, I felt no rush to unpack them right away and when I did, yep, moldy bread.

I have moved quite a few times in my adult life. The number of moves is in the dozens, so I guess that qualifies me as a professional. I have learned I prefer to pack and mark the boxes myself and then let whoever we hire to load the moving truck, do the lifting and loading. That is my plan this time.

I can't help but think of some of the moves we have made over the years. Despite my best plans, something always happens.

I remember one move when hubby accidentally broke the oven door and I had to run out and buy an electric skillet and rely on it and the microwave for cooking, till we got the oven repaired.

I also remember the time we moved to the Rio Grande Valley and it had rained so much on the way, that by the time we drove the 6 hours there and started to unload, we were literally unloading in the rain, in water above our ankles!

I hope that whatever adventure happens with this move will be a minor one!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Old Fashioned Education Resources

I am fond of old fashioned things. I have always been a traditionalist at heart and I guess that is part of why the website below appeals to me. The other part of it though is that it is a wealth of resources and online books.

I see this website both as a great help for home-schoolers and also a great source of reading for anyone of any age.

The owner of this site put a lot of work into this and I feel more should know about it and use it.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Make Your Day Extraordinary!

I believe we always have an opportunity to make a bad day better and a good day great.

We can live consciously, and with purpose, doing the things that keep us positive and choosing how we let circumstances affect us.  It's the conscious daily choices that improve our lives and the lives of others.

This link, "64 Ways To Turn An Ordinary Day into an Extraordinary One" is a very good start:

64 Ways to Turn an Ordinary Day into an Extraordinary One

Dog rescues

You never know what you are going to get when you rescue a dog. To be sure, they are always a blessing, but they also have all their own personalities and situations that affect their behavior.

We got Bow in 2015. Bow, a Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, showed up on a friend's door step with an arrow in his hip. Apparently from things people heard that live in the area, a hunter was trying to get a shot at a deer, Bow scared the deer off and so the frustrated hunter shot Bow instead. My friend, could not keep him and he was too heavy for her to lift so we decided we would take him. He was not in very good shape when we picked him up. We took him to the Vet and got some immediate care for him and then began the work of trying to get his hip wound to heal and then the damaged sciatic nerve in his leg to heal. The tingling of the sciatic nerve caused Bow to keep chewing on his foot and the Vet wanted to amputate Bow's leg. I refused, and instead, I kept Bow's foot bandaged in the day and uncovered at night and had him wear a muzzle to sleep so he couldn't chew his foot. Three years later, and it took every bit of that time, Bow's sciatic nerve has healed, his foot is healed and he can run and play normally just like every other dog!

Our Great Dane, Daisy came to us through another friend who rescues Great Danes. She was in need of a home for the third time in her young life and so we picked her up and brought her home. She seemed depressed when we first got her and that is to be understood. She was getting used to us and trying to figure things out. As she learned about us, we learned about her and discovered her quirky and very Princess and childlike personality. Sometimes she acts like a spoiled toddler and other times more like a Princess but she is very very affectionate. She learned to get along with Bow and that she couldn't always have her way and now they are the best of friends.

Boss, came to us as a result of Hurricane Harvey. My son and daughter in law owned him but since they were evacuees and staying in a motel for such a long time, they could not keep him. We got Boss and he just has stayed with us.  A Pug and Boston Terrier mix, he is quirky and funny and always on the go. I wish I had his energy! We also call him a "shopper" because he will grab anything you leave out that will fit in his mouth.

Last but not least, (except maybe in size) is our five pound black Pomeranian, Kona. I brought Kona home from the animal shelter in 2012. When the shelter picked him up he and his brother had been out on their own for some time and both had their fur so matted, that they had to be shaved to not only clean them up but find out if they were male or female. They had only a few rotten teeth left and had to have the remaining teeth pulled. The two dogs we were told, were about 12 years old. We brought home Kona and his brother, but the brother, Coffee, who had his side stitched up from a big dog bite wound, came down with pneumonia and died. Kona made it though and we still have him. If their age estimates were right, Kona is now 18 years old. He is totally blind and though he eats good, he mostly sleeps and then gets up a couple times a day and walks around in the room.

All four dogs, despite their quirks have been an immense blessing to me. I would not trade them for anything in the world, but keeping them has not been without its challenges. Bow ate one of my chairs, Boss tore up a pair of glasses, a flash drive and numerous other things, Daisy decided to chew on a couch, and Kona, as long as we have had him is still just a little bit un-trusting and has never been very affectionate. Even so, they all have permanent homes here and they have been more blessings than problems.





Friday, November 9, 2018

Short Timer

Ever since my announcement to retire at work, a few people have given me the nickname "Short Timer".
Yes, I am a short timer for leaving soon but "short time" also describes what little time I have to get certain things accomplished before leaving.
I have a short time to teach some reports to the person who will be my temporary replacement, and a short time to accomplish several other projects, all of which I initially thought I would have longer to get done.
I also have a short time to clean out my office and to do that I have been  giving away office decor, books and other items that I don't want to move with me. There are of course some things I will keep but most of it needs to go.
Another thing I have a short time to do is gather boxes for packing. I need so many boxes! I have got the kitchen manager and purchasing admin both saving boxes from their orders and I know I will need more.
So short timer and short time is an important phrase right now, and mostly it means I have got to get a lot done, but it also means it is a short time until we are moved and getting settled in.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Leaving Texas

I have lived in Texas all my life. My Texas roots are deep enough that one of my ancestors was counted on the Mexican Census when this land was still part of Mexico.

And yet now, at the age of 60, I and my husband are about to pull up those roots and move to the state of Oklahoma. It is not something either one of us ever thought we would be doing and yet we already have our new home under contract.

The impending move was brought on when husband took a job that had a long term project in Oklahoma.

I believe God opened a lot of doors for this move to take place and its a move that we feel really good about. We are looking forward to new adventures, getting to know a new area, and making new friends.

Moving day is the middle of next month and I am already in a panic about whether I will find enough boxes to move, making sure I have a thorough checklist, getting enough done at work before my last day of work, and a zillion other little details.

I know I will be tired a lot in the days ahead. Sorting, getting rid of extra stuff we don't need and packing is a pretty big job at any age, but I am no Spring chicken. I will get it done though!

By The Way, Lets Have an Audit Before You Go...

I got an email this week at work notifying me of the new audit we are now required to do and that it had a 10 day deadline.  I thought I...