Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memories of The Happening

Here are some posts from the Crystal City Bulletin sharing random thoughts about a place called "The Happening" that used to be in Crystal City.

The Happening was located at the Country Club building at the Golf
Course east of Airport Elementary. The high school kids re-worked the
inside of the west wing of the building,painting it fluorescent with
black lights, Couches, etc, I remember the dart board and being there
and somebody threw a dart into a guys leg one night. They had music,
cold drinks, etc..... Scott Sramek would remember Forrest Anderson

If anyone has pictures of "The Happening" I would sure love to see
those. If you're not familiar with that, it was a dance club for
teenagers that was originally located at the "old" Crystal Country
Club before it burned down. There were dances and bands that played
there. I remember going there when my sister Diana would go with her
boyfriend. It was usally alot of fun. Black lights, strobe lights,
loud music... Some of the parents would host behind the bar and serve
soft drinks. I think after it burned, they moved it to Mr Gulicks old
grocery store right across the street from the High School. Possibly
Vivian remembers this place since that was about when she and my
sister Diana were in HS???... by Richard Armstrong

-Opening the door at the "Happening" (old site of the IGA grocery
store) and hearing the jams of the ??? wanna bees plucking and
scratching out a tune that sounded so "KEEN" at the John Mark Addison

Ah si - La musica, La musica...

I told my kids about "The Happening" a couple of years ago, when I was
traveling down memory lane - how many remember that it used to be in
the old Country Club building by the airport, then it burned down?

We had so much fun painting the new place - especially the footprints
- those were our footprints on the walls, floor and ceiling, too, I
think. I know my sisters and I loved going there on Saturday nights.
And then, OMG Billy Joe Royal came to perform!!!

Oxford has a daily noon whistle, too, and they use it for tornado or
severe weather alerts, too. In sp8ite of the fact that Oxford has the
small town atmosphere I wanted to raise my children in, I still won't
let them do the stuff I used to do in Crystal. I think our growing up
days there were the end of an era! Casey Stauber

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