Saturday, March 4, 2017

Project Day

The rainy weather makes this day a good one for doing projects.

I started the day out poking around looking at fabric I have on hand and then reprinting the manual for a new-to-me sewing machine that my sister gave me. I don't do a lot of sewing, but with the meager offerings I am finding lately for clothes that I like and as long waist-ed as I am, I think it is time to get some sewing done.

Next project was to take photos of a bunch of my Mom's Barbie Dolls. It has been 10 years since she passed and I am not a doll collector so it is time to do the research needed to get them sold. Taking the pictures and looking each one up to try and determine values took quite a bit of time but I got the batch done that I have here and once I deal with them I will bring back more from storage and start the process over again.

My back rest pillow was getting pretty lumpy and "settled" and needing more stuffing so I picked up the pillow stuffing I needed a couple days ago and this morning I opened up the seam on the back rest and filled it up some more and sewed it back up; there is no point throwing it out when I can fix it cheaper than I can replace it.

Next on the list is going through a box of my Mom's old sewing patterns to see if there is anything I can use and if not put them in a pile to donate.  Have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wild Parrots and a Pet Parrot Named Killer

While perusing an article about things to see and do in Texas, I saw mention of the wild parrots that could be seen in and around Oliveira Park in Brownsville, TX.
The article reminded me of the time when we lived in Harlingen, TX which is not far from Brownsville.
The neighborhood we lived in was full of wild parrots and as it so happened we had a parrot in our home, a left over from a pet shop we had owned. I hesitate to call him a pet because he had a nasty temper. He was a beautiful double yellow head parrot though and we thought we would always have "Killer" as we called him because he made every attempt he could to bite us.
Well anyway, Killer got real excited every evening when he heard those wild parrots outside and he would screech and carry on until the noise was unbearable.
We decided he needed a new home but weren't sure about just letting him loose after being in a cage for so long.
We finally landed on the idea to donate our parrot to the zoo in Brownsville, which we did and they were happy to have him. It gave him a chance to be with other parrots and still have a certain amount of protection compared to the wild parrots that he liked to talk to so much.
As I thought about him today I realized that, assuming he is getting the good care I am sure he is, he is likely still there; his life expectancy is around 60-80 years.
If you get the opportunity to make a trip to the Rio Grande Valley, take time to look for the wild parrots. They are a feast for the eyes!
And if you are interested in the article with the list of things to see and do in Texas, well here is that link for you as well.
Awesome Things to See and Do in Texas

Monday, November 14, 2016

Holiday Winds Are Blowing

The holiday winds have started to rise and with them comes a great whirlwind of activity that will reach tornadic levels by the time Christmas gets here.

Most of us love the holidays and we like a little chaos as well but it can easily get out of hand and leave us wondering where the days went, feeling let down a little and feeling like we missed something.

When I was a kid my Dad valued his quiet time. He had some outdated (or were they?) rules about certain times and days for quiet activity. We knew when we could talk, be loud and crazy and we knew when to settle down to do something quiet or reflective. During those quiet times, I read, I learned to draw and paint, and I wrote in a journal.

Sometimes Dad took us out to look at the night sky and although we talked and asked questions at those times, we mostly just stared in wonder at the vastness of the sky and all the stars in it.

What does that have to do with the holidays you may ask? Well plenty actually, because it is a good time to teach our children (and ourselves) to stop and take time to reflect; reflect on the birth of Christ and reflect on what character traits to encourage in our children and grandchildren in the days ahead.

Also, it's good to remember to give yourself time to just breathe and be thankful for what you have and not stress about what you do not have or what you think the kids need to have or what entertaining you think you need to do.

Be thankful at Thanksgiving and be joyful at Christmas; most of all teach yourself and your children to slow down and have some quiet times. Life is not supposed to be an endless series of tornadoes. Take time to enjoy the calm weather too.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Leaf Magic

Even though my kids are grown and gone, I still have children's books around the house. I have classics that I read as a kid, books I read to my kids and now I read to my grandchildren when they visit.

I thinks this book is a real treasure. It's called Leaf Magic, by Margaret Mahy and was written in the 1970s.

This book is about a boy who wants a dog but finds instead that he is being followed home by a big orange leaf. The rest is magic. :-)

Leaf Magic by Margaret Mahy

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morning Mishaps

Well this day certainly didn't start out as well as I would have liked. Chase's usual morning pee mess ran between the grooves of the tile and under the couch and into a hard-to-get-to corner.  I had to completely pull out the couch and move stuff in order to get his mess cleaned up. If he were not 17 years old and had bladder cancer for two years, I would make him sleep outside. That is not even an option though, because it would just not be right for a dog as old as he is to be outside all night, when I know he can't help it. If he died out there during the night I would never forgive myself. Still, it doesnt make my life any easier. I am seriously considering getting him dog diapers, they would be ideal, but I am going to bet he will pull them off.

The rest of the morning consisted of feeding dogs, and giving them their pills, taking my pills, making breakfast, packing my lunch, doing a little picking up around the house, and getting out meat for supper and for making more dog food. I did manage to read one chapter in the bible and by that time, it was time to get ready for work.

I got my store list made this morning and thought about the need for a home management file to keep on my phone with all the things that need to get done. I am thinking a workbook in Evernote and adding notes to it. The only thing I am not crazy about with Evernote is it moves most recently opened notes to the top of the list and I would rather have them in alphabetical order. Maybe there is an option I have missed?

Oh, I almost had a stroke because my computer wouldn't turn on this morning. I checked the obvious, that it had come unplugged but that was good so finally, I hauled the laptop back into the office from the living room and plugged it in to a different cord there and it came right up so apparently the other cord is bad. I was relieved because I had not yet backed up a bunch of  recent entries on my journal software. You can bet I will be doing it tonight!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Crab Cakes and Naps

I spent the weekend doing very little. I napped. I worked on some updates I am doing to a journal I am writing for family history purposes, did a teensy bit of housework, and went to church on Sunday.

I stay tired due to sleep issues and being a light sleeper to begin with; it makes for long and frustrating days.  I decided that tonight I am going to give one of those Sleepy-time teas with valerian a whirl and see if it doesn't relax me more.

Last night we had crab cakes for supper. I bought them mostly as a treat for hubby. They are not cheap but I figured "Hey, he works hard so he is worth it". So for my $15 I got 8 -  two inch size crab cakes. I was not really impressed. I mean it was enough, hubby had 4, mom-in-law and I had 2 each and with the side it was plenty, but I was just perturbed at the cost for so little product. I have never made my own crab cakes but I think it would have to be cheaper to buy the plain crab meat and do my own next time.

I spent the rest of the evening going through several cookbooks. "Extending the Table", "Simply in Season", and "More With Less". These cookbooks have practical, frugal recipes from the U.S. and other countries. I made a list of about 10 new recipes to try and I will write about the recipes after we see how we like them.

Have a blessed day!