Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wild Mustang Green Grape Pie

Not long ago, I was thinking about the foraging class I took about a year ago with instructor Amy Crowell and I remembered that she had made a Green Grape Pie from the wild Mustang grapes that are native to Texas. Knowing that I have access to some huge Mustang grape vines, I decided that this year I would try a Green Grape Pie.

When I thought the grapes were about the size I needed and yet still green, I pulled up the recipe which I found here:  Wild Green Grape Pie

After cleaning and washing my grapes, I followed the instructions for boiling them and preparing the pie filling.
One problem I ran into was that I had waited too long on getting the grapes and they were large and had big seeds, and now, instead of being tiny and soft enough to be edible, they were so large that I had to pick them all out.

Picking out the seeds slowed the process and I will know better next time. I think hubby and I picked about a pound of seeds out of seven cups of grapes. (We picked enough grapes for two pies, it only takes 3 to 3 1/2 cups of grapes per pie)

Once the seeds were all out the rest of it was pretty quick work.

This is how my pie looked before going in the oven.

Here is my finished pie which I think was for the most part was a success. It was a little on the tart side but may have been due to size grapes I picked. I will get smaller grapes next year and if need be, add a little extra sugar, otherwise, the recipe is a "keeper"! Oh and a side note, let the pie COMPLETELY cool before you cut it. It is very runny when hot but does thicken back up. EDIT: IMPORTANT- Since I had enough left over pie filling to make one more pie, I did, this time adding 2 cups of sugar and it came out just right. So it ended up being a cup of sugar per cup of grapes (3 cups total). Again, that might be because the grapes I got were pretty big. I will have to experiment next year to be sure.

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  1. That pie looks like it would take first prize at the county fair.


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