Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Fun Ideas and Family

Summer Fun can spell "Family" in so many ways. I have tons of memories of going to State Parks for day camping, reunions and church camps. Summer also meant time for things like back yard barbecues, playing in the sprinkler, and even things like the Poteet Strawberry festival, where, as a family we would go to farmers' fields and pick our own flats of strawberries, attend some of the festival events and then have a family picnic before heading home, tired but happy. Those flats of strawberries would become strawberry jelly and bags of frozen strawberries.

There is really no end to the things you can do for family fun and this post at the Latin times has some great ideas that I want to share with you today. Latin Times Summer Solstice Ideas 

And piggy backing onto the fruit picking idea... Pick Your Own  is a great site to help you locate farms in your state where you can go and pick in season fruit! It also has resources for canning and preserving but don't limit yourself to jelly! Why not make homemade fruit leathers and dried fruit? 

Strawberry Fruit Leather

How to Make Fruit Leather

Next week I will post a list of summer boredom busters for the kids! There is never a reason to be bored, there is always tons to do, but sometimes you need a handy list to keep the ideas going or to be a spring board for other ideas!

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