Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime Memories

Summer time always makes me feel nostalgic about days gone by, growing up in Crystal City.

I started making a list of things it reminded me of and here is the list in no particular order and in different stages of childhood. They are simple memories and they are of course my own memories, but maybe they will remind you of some sweet memories of your own and if so, then this post will have served it's purpose.

*Playing in the sprinkler
*Washing the car and my siblings and I spraying each other
*Raspas! (sno-cones) and Icees from Dairy Kreme
*Walking over to the high school to play on the fire escape
*The city pool
*Window washing at the house which included spraying each other through the screens when we were cleaning the screens
*Trips to the city library and being in the summer reading program there
*Vacation Bible School
*Alto Frio Baptist Encampment (summer camp)
*The Poteet Strawberry Festival and putting up strawberries
*Trying to dig a hole to China and being afraid once we got the hole in the dirt really deep that a China man would pop out of that hole!
*Trying to make bricks out of mud and dried grass like the Hebrews in Moses' time
*Making mud pies and using china berries for decorations on top of our "pies"
*Hop Scotch!
*Sky Watching with my Dad even when I was so little I had to stand on a stool to see into the telescope
*Trying to ride those old wooden skate boards with the shark emblem on it.
*Playing with pill bugs
*Homemade ice cream
*Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk
*Catching grasshoppers
*Climbing trees
*Exploring the vacant lots in the neighborhood


  1. Quite a few of your memories were of mine, too. Playing out in the rain in our bathing suits and bare feet, wow...loved that. Playing anything under the running hose. I guess they never had a hose water ban back in those days, huh?

    Exploring the neighboring fields, oh my. We were there all day long and early evening, we made clubhouses underneath big old shrubs, and I can remember lighting "snakes" with matches (not real snakes but those little pellets that, when lit, would foam up like a snake and expand. Staying out way past my Mom's call to come in for supper... wanting to squeeze out every last minute of play time before going back to confinement at home. And so many others....thanks for the memories.

  2. I remember "building roads" by wiping my hand through the dirt to create a path and then "driving" my toy cars and trucks on these "roads."