Wednesday, October 19, 2011

That Consumer Information Catalog from Pueblo Co.

Some of you may remember the Consumer Information Catalog from Pueblo, Colorado that the government used to advertise on TV. I had ordered that little catalog several times back in the day and found some of the publications I had ordered from it to be pretty useful.

I found myself wondering recently if the Gov, still put that catalog out and so I googled it and found that yes, not only can I still order it, even better, I can download most of the publications to my computer in pdf format or view the information online.

Information categories at Publications.USA.Gov include Cars, Consumer Protection, Education (Pre K thru College), Federal Programs, Housing, Family, Health, Money, Small Business, Travel and more. This is an especially great resource for young families and is well worth visiting the site and even bookmarking. You never know when you might want go back to it for some of the info.

Here is the link: Publications.USA.Gov

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