Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Make it Rain

That nice rain that the Uvalde/Crystal area got a couple weeks ago is compliments of my husband Gene. He is the one that made it rain down there.

We were going over the Nueces Crossing on the way to the CCHS reunion Oct 8th and we looked down at a bone dry, drought stricken Nueces River and Gene made the comment that it would be a good time to get out our metal detectors and go down and look for his class ring that he had lost there years ago.

Later that night it started raining. And raining. You see, if he had not made the threat to go looking for his ring it never would have rained like that but since he did, there was a heck of a storm; complete with lightning and thunder like the area had not seen in quite some time!

A week later, we were back in the area and there was now a little water in the some the lowest spots of the river and we had our metal detectors, so we decided to head down there and spend a couple hours to see if we could find any treasures anyway.

We didn't find his class ring but we did find two people living under the bridge, and I found a damn fine pull tab that I dug 8 inches into the rocks and water to get!

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