Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer is No Time to Be Gardening!

As I sat on the couch last night shelling the handful of black-eyed peas I had picked in my garden, I resolved to never grow another summer garden again.

It was 103 yesterday, the 38th 100 plus day of the summer and many of those days have been more on the "plus" end of that scale than the 100.

Everything in my garden is suffering. I am giving the garden plenty of water but there is nothing I can do about the heat and only the most heat tolerant varieties are producing anything at all.

I don't mean to say however that I am giving up on vegetable gardening. In my reading and in my past few years of  experience of watching my summer vegetables limp along and barely survive and then suddenly when September and October arrive they shift into high gear and start producing like crazy tells me I just need to change my thinking on my gardening times.

Since our Fall and Winter are comparable to the Summer and Fall of the rest of the country, I am just going to do my gardening then and spend my summers in the pool!


  1. The past two years have resulted in successful summer gardens. Not this year. It's enough to keep the lawn alive. Ah, but there is the fall garden!