Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Example For The Healthcare Industry

I recently hurt my back pretty bad. I have been seeing a new-to-me chiropractor and I have to say, I am thrilled with him as a chiropractor but I have also gotten quite an education on the possibilities of what a streamlined healthcare system could look like.

This chiropractor charges a flat $20 per visit. That's it.  When you go in for your adjustment he doesn't set up a "plan" of a certain number of visits that you must see him. You go when you feel you need an adjustment; and he takes no appointments; its walk-in only.

After your adjustment, you pay him directly. He has no receptionist or office staff, so no payroll to add to his overhead.

I have even gone in early and seen him doing the office cleaning himself!

He does a great job when I go for my adjustments and gives me the time I need and I don't feel rushed. There are not any of the other treatments that (I think) drive up the price of the typical visit. It is just an adjustment.

Now think of all this and how it could translate into the typical doctor's office. Sure, they would have to run a staff of nurses but I bet their system could be streamlined too so that they could charge a cheaper price that would not include dealing with bloated insurance.

I think insurance would still be necessary for surgeries and maybe even some of the more expensive tests, but day to day office visits shouldn't have to be and prescriptions are way overpriced to the point of price gouging in many cases and that will probably take some legislation to deal with that.

I really don't have an answer for prescriptions, but my whole point to this post is that our bloated insurance system can certainly be streamlined.

My chiropractor is an example of this, and I would be willing to bet he still makes a respectable income by cutting out things like payroll, dealing with insurance and paying a cleaning service.

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