Sunday, March 15, 2009

Assi Alli

I couldn't believe that I had not posted a picture here of Assi Alli or "El Arabe". Actually I think I did post it once but it got deleted when I was overhauling the website. I think that everyone who ever lived in Crystal City would remember this man.

The photo is provided thanks to Frances Tovar Guerrero.

Below is the write up on Assi Alli that was published in the Zavala County History Book - "Zavala County Then and Now" some years ago.

None of us really know the story of Assin Alli, but so the story goes... He had a very lucrative business; but alas his wife left him for a traveling salesman. He became a hermit-type person.

This we know – he was a Moslem, born in Lebanon. He wore a little U.S. Flag in his hat and went about the town cleaning up “trashy places” and blessing the rest of us. He died December 26, 1967


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