Sunday, June 7, 2009

Deer Goes A Swimming

Last night we heard a strange noise. I cant even describe it really because I had my headphones on listening to a youtube video at the time but I was still aware of some kind of crashing noise. Gene heard the noise too and it was loud.
When he and I went out to investigate we saw that a LOT of water had come out of the pool and that all the ground on one side of the pool was really wet.
The first thing a person thinks since it is one of those great big Walmart pools is that it sprung a leak.
We looked and looked and never found a place where water was still coming out of the pool. Finally on one area of the pool's side, as I held up my flashlight (this was after dark) I noticed that water had been SPLASHED on the side of the pool.
I called Gene over to see and we both made the conclusion that it must have been a deer and that the deer had managed to push down on one side of the pool hard enough to let out water before it ran off.
The logical thing to assume is that it pushed down with its front feet as it stood outside of the pool but if you saw how MUCH water we lost and the splash marks, I think you would wonder like me, if instead the deer had actually been IN the pool!


  1. As they say at the tractor/lawnmower store, "nothing runs like a deer." What a story!

  2. Ditto what forsythia said...what a story! What would you have done, had the deer still been int he pool? lol. Hugs.

  3. forsythia - it was definitely strange!
    xanadu - what would i have done if the deer were still in the pool? thats easy. I would have crapped in my pants!lol

  4. Deer do strange things. Maybe it wanted too cool off.