Friday, March 4, 2011

Tweety Bird

Tweety was the typical powder-blue parakeet with little bits of yellow, white and black. He was a family pet back when we were kids. I don't remember the details of getting him but I am pretty sure we just went down to the Keith and Roberts store in Crystal City and there bought bird, bird cage, paper, seed and the whole works.

We had Tweety for some time and he became pretty tame and sociable. We could let him out of his cage and he would fly around the house and sit on top of the curtain rods or at times he would light on the table where my mom had fabric spread out and she would be pinning a pattern down to it. As she did this he would walk along the pattern and fabric and pull the pins back OUT as she put them in!

He would also let us put him in the back of my brother's Tonka dump truck and then push the truck down the hallway and he would stay in it and just flap his wings and enjoy the ride.

He was a little particular about how you went about taking him out of his cage though. Since my Dad worked for Southwestern Motor Transport (SMT) there were a lot of SMT pencils around the house and it happened that the first few times we tried to get Tweety out of his cage we would stick an SMT pencil in there for him to hop on and then he would ride that as we took him out of the cage. After getting used to the SMT pencils, you could not convince him to get out any other way!

I don't recall how long we had Tweety but it was quite a while and as you can see, even now, he is fondly missed.

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  1. That dear little bird. He came to life again in just a few paragraphs. I almost have tears in my eyes, I can just see him riding in that Tonka truck.