Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Lovely Child by Susie K. Maldonado

A Lovely Child

Running, jumping always playing
Standing still yet forever swaying
Trying hard to heard not seen
Never wanting to be clean

Wanting this and wanting that
Really being a spoiled brat
Yelling, screaming way too loud
With your head up in the clouds

Getting sick and throwing up
Leaving milk to spoil in a cup
Playing with lizards and ugly bugs
Getting chocolate on throw rugs

Throwing clean clothes on the floor
Putting stickers on the door
Permanent stains on school clothes
Wiping off that runny nose

Doggy poop on the shoes
Now doggy poop on carpet that's new
Bubble gum all in the hair
A Halloween mask that's sure to scare

Wallowing in the mud like a hog
Getting fleas and ticks off the dog
Leaving the water on in the sink
Going barefoot with feet that stink

Getting sick and spreading germs
Dissecting bugs and little worms
Lots of gel along with hair spray
Making sure the hair will stay

Designer jeans or simply Wal-Mart
Hair slicked back or with a part
Skinny and short or skinny and tall
Crayon marks upon the wall

Money for this, money for that
Buying a funny canvas hat
Watering the lawn right after a rain
Brand new pants, another grass stain

Lots of friends at the house
Never heard, "Quiet as a mouse!"
Slumber parties so much fun
Keeping parents on the run

Lots of hugs with kisses too
Always saying I Love You
Helping with the household chores
Singing, dancing and much more

A beautiful smile upon your face
The prettiest thing so full of grace
This is what makes it all worthwhile
To be the parent of a lovely child

Dedicated to my daughter, Shavonne

Susie K. Maldonado

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