Friday, January 9, 2009

World War II Internment Camp in Crystal City

The first link below will take you to a video of the Internment Camp that operated in Crystal City in the forties.

I remember seeing some of the buildings of the internment camp on my way to grammer school each day. The buildings were later torn down and a monument placed nearby.

The other two links provide photos and some additional history.

Crystal City Internment Camp 1945

CC Internment Camp Photos

World War II Civilian Internment Camp


  1. Two of our elderly neighbors met each other at an internment camp. They subsequently married and moved back to California. The whole idea of rounding-up people and forcibly moving them to camps is so scary to me... especially because we've seen our government do so many things I would never have believed possible. I was so naive.

  2. My good friend across the street spent time as a child in a camp in Arkansas with her family. Her parents are now deceased. Her mother was sent to the United States as a young woman by her stepmother, supposedly to go to school. Instead, she had already been selected as a "picture bride" by a man she didn't know, had never met, and was totally unsuited for. The stories those walls could have told at that camp.

  3. I know where I lived in Kansas, there were a lot of German camps. This makes me want to dig a little deeper and know the history a bit more. Thanks!

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