Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Day for a Salesman

At one time in the town of Crystal City, where I grew up, most of my Dad's family all lived in houses on the same street and one day a door to door salesman came knocking on my grandmother's door.

When the salesman attempted to make his sales pitch she replied "No we don't want any", and sent him on his way.

Suddenly, sensing some fun to be had, grandma raced out the back door of their house and into the back door of the neighbor's house (which was another relative) just in time for the salesman to knock on the door and for her to answer it.

The salesman was a little confused seeing the woman he had just seen at the previous house and once again grandma sent him on his way.

Not finished with the salesman yet, my grandmother ran out the back door and answered the door of three more houses before the salesman gave up calling on houses on that street and walked away muttering and shaking his head.