Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PawPaw Bunyan

About a year ago, my husband, aka "Pawpaw" to our grandson, and my son's brother in law and father in law put together a swing set for grandson for his birthday.

Even though there were lots of hands helping to put the swingset together, grandson gave Pawpaw all the credit. "Pawpaw built my swingset" he said and I think what must motivate my grandson's thinking is the shear size of my husband. Grandson must look up at his 6ft 7in Pawpaw and see an impressive giant of a man and so that is all he remembers.

This past Sunday grandson was at our house and I showed him a room we are remodeling that will be a guest room when they stay with us.

I showed him the wall that Pawpaw is refinishing and I told him that Pawpaw was making the room for him to sleep in when he visits. Grandson was impressed. His reply was "Pawpaw make the room for me?" as he pointed to himself.

Later that day our son and his family left, taking the pickup truck they were borrowing until their suburban could finish repairs in the shop. While they were still traveling, son called to tell me that Grandson had made the remark that Pawpaw built that truck for them!

We had to laugh that grandson seemed to think that Pawpaw builds EVERYTHING and it made me wonder if, when I start reading the Paul Bunyan books I have waiting for him when he is a little older, maybe I can substitute the word "Pawpaw" for "Paul" and get away with it!

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