Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rainwater Harvesting in Texas

Rainwater Harvesting is something I have taken for granted here in Texas but after a recently reading an article that some states do not allow for it and after the talk given in yesterday's Master Naturalist class on the topic of Rainwater Harvesting, I am exceedingly appreciative that the state of Texas is forward thinking enough to not only allow Rainwater Harvesting but to encourage it.

State Rainwater Harvesting Programs

Not only does this state allow the harvesting of rainwater, our state allows for the tax exempt purchase of rainwater harvesting systems per Section 151.355 since 2001 and as of 2003 Home Owners Associations cannot prohibit rainwater collection systems (although they may dictate where those systems may be placed). Texas Property Code § 202.007

2003 Rainwater System Legislation in TX

Texas Property Code Re: Rainwater Systems/HOAs

Water is such a precious commodity that in my opinion,  other states would do well to follow Texas' example.


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  2. I was so surprised to learn that a lady in CO got into trouble for collecting rainwater in barrels on her roof. Very mysterious law to us Easterners. I think we're about to get a few lessons in drought ourselves. Despite the storms and hurricanes, our region has had just 75 percent of its normal rainfall so far this year.