Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making A Website for the Grandkids

I totally impressed myself recently by coming up with a website for my grandson. The spark of the idea came from a program we use at work and since my two grandchildren don't live close to me, it seemed like a good way to share things with my five year old grandson, and, when she gets a little older, my granddaughter.

I made my web page or journal actually at . I chose this site because It has the ability to keep search engines from finding the journal and because I can set up a group for the journal so that with the help of his father, grandson can log in and see the posts that I have made just for him.

It takes a little bit of html knowledge at this site, very little though, just knowing how to center stuff and post your videos and pictures etc. That information can be picked up around the web pretty easily or if someone decides to make a grandchild journal I can post some of the info here.

Anyway, I called my grandson's journal, the Ninja Journal and so far, I have written him short letters and posted a few family pictures, links to games for his age range and links to coloring pages,and a video of a frog because he likes anything to do with nature.

I think the website is a hit and it sure makes me feel good to come home at the end of the day and share something from the family or something fun and amusing with my grandbabies!

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