Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To Gluten or Not Gluten

After many weeks of nausea and headaches it finally occurred to me one morning as at sat at my desk at work that what I have been going through might be due to either allergies or a developing gluten or wheat intolerance. 

I have already been to the doctor and been checked for ulcers and some other stomach related issues and everything was fine. Still the stomach issues have persisted.So I thought the next logical step might be to remove the gluten from my diet and see if that helps. 

So far I do see an improvement. No nausea, but I did have a headache yesterday. Still that could be from cedar in the air or any number of things. I have a massive number of allergies. 

I will stay gluten free a couple weeks and then add it back for a couple days to see if I notice a change. 

In the meantime, I am amazed at the plethora of products that really are gluten free and the number of people that seem to be on this diet as well as the number of people who have just decided to remove wheat from their diets, for health purposes. 

Whatever the result on my stomach issues, it will be a learning experience.

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