Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The End of 2014 and Beginning of 2015

The latter half of 2014 brought about a lot of change for me. Some of the change was my doing and some was more in terms of family matters. All in all I look back and I see that everything is for the best and I know that God works all things according to His purpose.

We are all good. Hubby is good and son and daughter are happy in their lives and grandkids are happy and well so what more could I ask?

Back in August, one of the big changes that was my doing was to lose weight. Hubby, mother-in-law and I went on the Ideal Protein diet and have had good results, shed a lot of pounds and eliminated a lot of prescriptions that we used to have to take due to Diabetes etc. That's a plus!

My Diabetes is under control now and I take NO medicine for it. Zero, Nada! I cannot explain what a sense of freedom that gives me! Not only in feeling better, but in not being such a slave to the prescription medicines. I am working towards changing eating patterns and prolonging my life in the process.

Another big change for me is I have gotten interested in Herbal Medicine. It was a natural progression I think since I have always loved plants, both wild and cultivated and have always been fascinated with identifying them and learning what the plants uses might be.

I am now taking an Herbal home study course and hope that it will somehow translate into a possible retirement income someday but at the very least, I see it as a way to continue to take charge of my health.

In this upcoming year, my goals are to finish my weight loss and reach my ideal weight, complete my herbal home study course, and continue to find ways to stay more active.

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