Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Vacation and Kids in the Kitchen

Well Hello again! I ran into an issue with the server from which I usually write my posts. It kept sending error messages for this blog and didn't allow me to post. I am on another server now so all seems to be good.

No doubt you are well into summer plans and vacations now but there are also those of you too who are working and you have your kids at home. That can at times pose the issue of what they are to eat during the day while you are at work.

Really your best bet is to make extras of your recipes the night before (or on weekends to freeze for the next week) Having leftovers in the fridge is going to be a big help because it requires nothing more than heating lunch in the microwave.

For breakfast, in order to stay out of the cold cereal rut, you can always make ahead muffins to freeze and you can additionally make extra pancakes when you make them on weekends and bag and freeze those as well and they too can be re-heated.

If your children like cottage cheese or yogurt those are also great options with a little fruit added.

The kids can also be a help in terms of the evening meal by watching things you have started in the slow cooker.

In the next post I will add a few easy, kid friendly recipes to help keep some variety in summer meals. In the meantime, I am just glad to be posting again without the error messages!

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