Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Shoot From the Hip" Communicating

I used to write more and through my writing, I feel I used to communicate more.

I have spent the last week on a marathon session of capturing emails I have sent and articles I have saved for the last 9 years. I wanted to preserve some of these emails in my journal, which I am always working on to pass on to my kids and grand-kids in case they are ever curious about my thoughts and memories.

While going through these emails I was overcome with sadness, not because of the email content, but because I felt I kept in touch so much better though emails than I have through Facebook.

When I write on Facebook, I am posting things I find of interest as well as brief thoughts but even though I am communicating with the same people I have through the years, it seems that my thoughts are shorter, less frequent and I "shoot from the hip" with quick comments here and there.

Any and all communication is good of course, but I am going to make better efforts to communicate on a more personal level. My friends and family are far too important to me to give any less. It may mean contact not quite as frequent but I believe it will be better communication.

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  1. Excellent reminder for all of us.