Friday, January 30, 2009

Crystal City Memories

I thought I would share these Crystal City Memories gleaned from an email that was going around. This is wonderful stuff from an earlier, simpler time in Crystal. Nancy

Classmate 1 - I also remember distinctly the dry cleaning being delivered to our house for my mom and the dry cleaning guy that delivered it of course back then only took cash, and he gave out change from a little change purse thingy that he wore on his belt. I always thought that was very odd when I saw him get change out of a "man purse'! haha.

Also, I remember Dr. Poindexter coming by the house once to check on one of us kids, something only the very rich enjoy today and even then is rare!.

Oh, and one other one, remember (for those of us that had the tv cable during the early 70's-all 4 channels) you tuned in to a special channel to see the wind-temp-barometric pressure gauges on TV and they had the elevator music playing while the camera would pan from one gauge to the next! SWEET!

Classmate 2 - Remember picking up coke bottles, for the deposit,5 cents for the small ones and a dime for the 12 ounce ones, then going to the 5 & 10 store for stuff.

Going to the Olivares Brothers Barber Shop, where you picked out your haircut style from the pencil drawings across from the chairs by number?. I'm thinking the cuts were either a dollar or two?.

Of course the best fast food was/is Dairy Kreme....

Classmate 1 - Yep, used to pickup coke bottles in the vacant lots and alongside the road and take’em down to Joe's Short Stop to buy all the candy and pop I needed! I used to get my haircuts downtown at Mr. Black's shop, and there was only one choice that I remember, BUZZ CUT! hahaha But I used to like going in there cause he always had the air conditioner going and lots of those puzzles hanging on the indoor puzzle tree he used to have in there. I think he even had this little electric shock machine set up on a table, where you would put your finger on 2 wires that were nailed down to a board and he'd crank a little generator by hand and it would give you a little jolt. Oh boy, the simple things in life we had back in the day. My grandson would be so bored, or would he?

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