Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Pie Day!

Pies are what I remember most about Thanksgiving when I was growing up. My mom would cook the chicken or turkey almost as an afterthought. She was all about those pies though and would sometimes cook as many as a dozen. She claimed she had to do it because we all liked a different flavor pie and I guess that was probably part of it but I also happen to know how she loved sweets!

She used to make a mince meat or raisin pie for my Dad, either that or pecan. At the time I considered all three of those to be just gross. Now I like pecan pie but the other two I won't even try. One brother liked cherry pie and sister liked chocolate and I liked lemon. My youngest brother, I don't recall him ever having a particular preference.

My sister and I spent lots of time in the kitchen and pie making at Thanksgiving was no exception; even when I was so small I had to stand on a chair to stir the ingredients to make my lemon pie.

Mom would roll out the crust for each pie and she would let us help flute the edges and we also got to take the leftover pie crust which my sister and I would cut into strips and then smear a little butter on each piece and then sprinkle with mixed cinnamon and sugar. We would bake our cinnamon and sugar sticks along side the pies and of course eat them as soon as they came out.

Thanksgiving may be considered "turkey day" for most but for my family it was "pie day".

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  1. You ought to just TRY a bite of mince pie. I'd finish your piece for you gladly. No one around here likes it but me.