Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Outdoors

Hubby went to Gardenville this morning and got a couple pickup loads of vegetable soil mix to put in the planter boxes he built last week. He filled the boxes while I watered plants and cleaned off the porch.

We planted some more seeds today: Green Beans,Black Eyed Peas,Black Valentine Beans, Black Eggplant and Rose colored Eggplant,White Wonder Cucumber,Red Burgundy Okra and Cow-horn Okra. I also planted black nasturtiums in hanging planters.

I have 4 grape vines that I bought from Walmart 2 years ago. They are not a good variety for this area because they don't get enough cold weather according to the county extension agent. They grow alright but they don't get enough chilling hours to produce grapes. They are concord and mars if I remember correctly. Anyway, before I pull them up and give up on them I thought I might try one last thing. I thought I might try watering them with ice and see if I can trick them into producing. Maybe that's a dumb idea but I figure that's a shot at least before digging them up and throwing them away. So today we side dressed them with compost and I will start watering them with ice for awhile and see what happens. The only thing that makes me think it might even work is that my mom once had a Blue Spruce growing in her front yard and she lives a LOT farther south than I do and they are not native to Texas by any means!

After the work in the garden I dragged out two old lawn chairs and my box of webbing and Gene and I re-webbed the two chairs.

Grandson's new Iron man costume that I ordered came in the mail today. He had already outgrown the one I got him for Halloween and he loves it so much that I just got him another one to play in.

That's pretty much it for this day. Time to relax. I will probably read now or putter around with one of my other projects. I don't know yet.


  1. Maybe ice water will work for your concord grapes. All I know is, they do very well around Lake Erie.

  2. In answer to your question: fortunately, my daughter just had to be on the low-iodine diet for two weeks. The purpose of this was to starve her body of iodine. The thyroid is the only gland in the body with an affinity for iodine. Although her thyroid was removed, there is a chance that cancerous thyroid cells are circulating in her body. The radioactive iodine she received today will seek out only those rogue thyroid cells and hopefully kill them dead. (This is the way doctors wish they could treat all cancers.) Anyway, she will have a checkup in 6 months to be sure they got it all. I am told that prior to the scan, she will again have to go on the low-iodine diet, and, if a second treatment is needed, she'll have to be on in two weeks prior.

    Yes, doctors/technicians should let us know about little accessories such as thyroid shields. Who knew? BUt now we do, and it's going to be my job to see that others know about it too.

    Happy planting! Here's to your good health with all those home-grown veggies.