Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Container Garden

We are expanding the container vegetable garden this year and before long our back yard will be filled with planter boxes and (hopefully) happily growing vegetables!

Yesterday I planted Round Zucchini, Yellow Crookneck Squash, White Patty Pan Squash, Buttercup Winter Squash, Black Zucchini, Cucumber, Armenian Cucumber, Georgia Collards, and Green Wave Mustard Greens. I wanted to plant my New Zealand Spinach but read that I need to soak the seeds overnight so I did that and will plant them today.

In addition to what I planted yesterday I already have strawberry plants, lettuce and peas growing. I have tomatoes and peppers growing under lights indoors right now as well.

Yesterday Gene built four boxes 4ft by 4ft and they are 12" deep. We will fill and plant them out sometime during the week with beans and other assorted vegetables and am I eagerly waiting to plant. He does such a nice job on the planter boxes!

The total planter boxes so far is 8 planter boxes that are 4ft by 4ft and one long one along the fence line that is equivalent to about 4 more boxes, plus about 2 dozen or so pots and 14 (1/3 cut) barrel planters.


  1. I almost made planter boxes a couple of years ago but then managed to get the rototiller so with that, I've got everything planted in the ground. HOpe you post more of your garden as things are growing!