Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grandma Magic

In my idealist mind, I have a certain life experience I want to give my grandchildren. For lack of a better explanation, I call it "Over the River and Through the Woods"; reminiscent of the song.

I don't have that that ideal location yet, although my grandmother radar is always actively watching for it, searching for a house and land that would be such an adventure that my grandchildren would have to travel that way to reach me. I don't have the chickens and goats and other animals yet for them to chase around the property.

No, it is not quite the storybook setting I want.

What I DO have so far is a vegetable garden that my grandson (and soon to be granddaughter) can help me in and I am working on landscaping the back yard so that the entire area is kid/pet friendly and no plants are toxic.

I keep plenty of story books on hand with classic Paul Bunyan tall tales and fairy tales and nursery rhymes and I keep a stock of toys. When they get old enough I will have them help me in the kitchen as my own kids did when they were little.

I also have big plans for the other side of my yard which I hope to have a screened porch and plenty of yard games and things for them to do.

I want my house to be the most fun and magical grandma's house ever. A place where memories are made, games are played, and stories are read. I want to hear laughs and giggles and see the happy smiling faces of my grandchildren as long as I can. Now if I can just get the time to do all the things I want and better yet, get the magical place!

"Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go......"


  1. Wonderful!
    Love to you

  2. Yes, Grandma's place should be special.

    BTW, I would be delighted if you provided a link to THE COWS' CHAUTAUQUA.

    I am happy for the comment, too. I am closing down my other two blogs, but saving the best from each. I told myself I would not move on with my "simplification" project until I got at least one comment on THE COWS. Thanks.