Friday, December 30, 2011

December Remembrances

The month of December always takes me back to my hometown of Crystal City.

I remember walking up and down the sidewalks downtown and shopping and peering in the windows of the storefronts.

I remember Christmas plays where I played an angel in the nativity scene only because I had blonde hair and they thought at the time I guess that angels needed to have blonde hair!

I remember the Christmas lights decorating contests in neighborhoods.

I remember our hometown's homeless gentleman, Assi Alli, walking around near the Christmas tree lot where my Dad took us to buy a tree one year. I was afraid of that man in the ragged clothes and the American Flag bedecked hat, but as I got older I learned more and more what a kind soul that man was, and was saddened to learn years later that he died on Dec 26th, the day after Christmas.

I remember counting on getting new Nancy Drew books every year to read and add to my collection and the year my parents decided I was old enough to have a transistor radio and the year they decided I could wear makeup and gifted those items as well.

I remember a few years when Dad decided to help Mom with the Christmas shopping. When we were little, he gave me a little robot and a steam engine plant powered by sterno fuel and a remote controlled airplane. When I got to be a teenager I remember one year him buying me perfume...this was not long before he passed away.

I remember helping to cut branches from our juniper bushes and tying them to the fence in front of the house just before stringing Christmas lights over them.

I recall the year my mom, feeling festive, put a blue light bulb in the porch light, to go along with the other decorating and then wondering why the police car drove slowly by our house...

I remember some cold and rainy winters and some winters where I was still wearing shorts.

Christmas school holidays!

And then as the month draws to a close as it has now, I recall that my mom always said that all the world would be celebrating her birthday on the the 31st. Happy Birthday Mom, Happy New Year!

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  1. At my old age I still have strong mental images of old Assi Alli. I know he never would have imagined how much he impacted so many people. Wouldn't it be something if somehow we could step back in time and convince him he was worthy of a good life, a new family. And always the little flag stuck in his cap.
    Thanks for the memories.
    Susan Harper