Thursday, November 29, 2012

Perfect World

I guess I have somewhat of an idealist's viewpoint on life. The way I expect things to be is often not the way things work out and I find myself disappointed because it doesn't match this perfect image or criteria I have set in my mind. I haven't yet mastered getting past the disappointment, but maybe I can celebrate what I envision a little more with this blog.

I think to some extent I already focus a lot of my posts on my idealist expectations because a lot of my posts are about people who took the higher road in life and did something good for others; did something noble in life, whether it was just a moment in time or a lifetime pursuit. That is part of my minds perfect world to be certain, but there's more. Maybe somehow I can convey this perfect world for myself and hopefully others to enjoy because there is enough crap out there to sink a battleship and I don't want to be adding to the crap!


  1. On the other hand, if everything were perfect, would we really appreciate it? Isn't it the imperfections and flaws that give rise to our sense of what is good, perfect, beautiful, ideal?

  2. I use too get mad at Jim. When I would say that isn't fair. Then he would say, "whoever told you life is fair lied too you."Get over it."
    I might not every do anything big or important, but just maybe some little thing I have done along the way, may have made life better for someone else, and in return made my life better.

  3. @ forsythia It maybe true that the imperfections help us appreciate the good and perfect but the way things have been lately I could use a few less imperfections in my days for awhile :-) @ Roz - I have been in a pretty frustrated mode lately but at the same time even though as your Jim said "Life is no fair" and we all know it, sometimes a person has to have a little down time as long as the that time doesnt get too prolonged. We have to get up and go at it again.