Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ribbon Candy

As a kid, my absolute least favorite thing to get in my Christmas stocking each year was the old fashioned ribbon candy. I hated that stuff and yet that was one of the things, along with an apple, an orange, some nuts and a few other things, that we got every year.
Years later, mom and I were talking about Christmas and I mentioned not liking the ribbon candy and she said well she always got it because it was cheap! I told her I should return the favor and buy her a huge box of the stuff as a Christmas gift! I seriously planned to do it as a joke, until I saw that the cheap candy was now no longer cheap and cost a little too much to buy as a joke and then just throw away.
Even so, ribbon candy kind of became a traditional thing of the non edible kind, when I found ribbon candy ornaments to hang on my tree. 
What was once something I dreaded, is now a fond and funny memory.

Some people love ribbon candy and you can still buy it. It has been so long since I have had any I don't know if I would still dislike it or not. In any case, here is a link for a place to order it: 


  1. I absolutely loved ribbon candy as a child. But then, I loved just about any kind of candy there was, except maybe licorice. Of course, I have bad teeth to show for it. I wouldn't touch ribbon candy now for fear of breaking a tooth or pulling out a filing. :-(

  2. Love this. . .my "ribbon candy" as a kid was underwear. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog about the book Agenda 21. When I write, I always wonder if anybody will read my work. Nature abhors a vacuum and so do writers.