Saturday, September 20, 2014

What do With- Brainstorming Inexpensive Meals

I was doing some brainstorming one day on the variety of ways I could use certain inexpensive ingredients and here is my list. It is a work in progress but I thought I would share it since it may inspire readers and readers may also inspire me with their ideas!

What to do with Turkey
Turkey tacos
Turkey enchiladas
Turkey pot pie
Turkey sandwich
Turkey chalupas
Barbecue turkey sandwich
Turkey nuggets
Turkey soup
Turkey and noodles
Turkey a la king
Turkey and vegetable croquettes
Turkey nachos
Turkey wraps

What to do with Ham
Ham with eggs
Ham with Lima beans
Ham/potato casserole
Ham/potato hash
Ham/split pea soup
Ham/broccoli pot pie
Ham sandwich
Ham/black bean soup

What to do with Pinto Beans
Refried beans
Boracho beans
Bean pie
Bean dip
Bean soup
Pinto bean bread (More With Less cookbook pg 62)

What to do with Oatmeal
Oatmeal pancakes
Oatmeal cookies
Oat muffins
Oat scones
Oat facial mask/scrub

What to do with Eggs
Egg salad
Fried eggs
Egg sandwiches
Hard boiled eggs
Scrambled eggs
Deviled eggs
Poached eggs
Eggs for your hair
What to do with Rice
Rice and milk
Rice muffins
Rice pancakes
Fried rice
Beans and rice
Chili (rice and meat)
Chicken and rice soup
Rice and vermicelli
Rice burgers
Rice loaf

What to do with Potatoes
Potato soup
Baked potatoes
French fries
Scalloped potatoes with or without ham
Au Gratin Potatoes
What to do with Canned Mackerel or Salmon
Mackerel or Salmon loaf

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  1. You've been busy! BTW, congrats on the weight loss - very impressive. xo