Sunday, April 19, 2015

Three Favorite Homemaking Books.

Raising happy, positive families is important. Just as important is to teach them to be responsible, productive, and thrifty.

When I first got married, my homemaking experience was nothing more than taking care of my brothers while my Mom worked. My Dad had passed away when I was in 8th grade and my sister was attending high school in another town. (another story)

As a kid I had done some gardening, laundry, and kept up with my room. I also had taken sewing through 4-H.

When Dad passed away it became incumbent upon me to take care of my brothers so Mom could work.

That first summer I pretty much burned everything I tried to make. About all I could manage was Hamburger Helper. Me and brothers lost weight that summer!

Sometimes Mom worked two jobs so she didn't have much time for teaching me housekeeping skills but we managed.

Fast forward to being a newlywed and shortly afterward, a young Mom; I knew I needed help.

I ran across the homemaking books of author Beverly Nye. Her methods were geared to basic and perhaps more old fashioned homemaking but I learned a lot from her. My books became so dog-eared and stained that I wound up years later buying additional copies of each book.

These are three of Beverly Nye's books:
Everyone's a Homemaker - recipes, canning, food storage, household hints and cleaning helps.

A Family Raised on Sunshine - mostly a cookbook but has great advice on economical buying and cooking and on families in general.

A Family Raised on Rainbows - homemaking, crafts, gardening

I would personally recommend all three books, which can be bought used on Amazon and very cheaply I might add.

In closing, I would say that I found these books very useful especially in terms of saving money because although sometimes you just want to make quick meals, they do cost more and knowing how to cook from scratch will save you lots of dollars and Beverly's miscellaneous homemaking tips were also very valuable to me.

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