Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morning Mishaps

Well this day certainly didn't start out as well as I would have liked. Chase's usual morning pee mess ran between the grooves of the tile and under the couch and into a hard-to-get-to corner.  I had to completely pull out the couch and move stuff in order to get his mess cleaned up. If he were not 17 years old and had bladder cancer for two years, I would make him sleep outside. That is not even an option though, because it would just not be right for a dog as old as he is to be outside all night, when I know he can't help it. If he died out there during the night I would never forgive myself. Still, it doesnt make my life any easier. I am seriously considering getting him dog diapers, they would be ideal, but I am going to bet he will pull them off.

The rest of the morning consisted of feeding dogs, and giving them their pills, taking my pills, making breakfast, packing my lunch, doing a little picking up around the house, and getting out meat for supper and for making more dog food. I did manage to read one chapter in the bible and by that time, it was time to get ready for work.

I got my store list made this morning and thought about the need for a home management file to keep on my phone with all the things that need to get done. I am thinking a workbook in Evernote and adding notes to it. The only thing I am not crazy about with Evernote is it moves most recently opened notes to the top of the list and I would rather have them in alphabetical order. Maybe there is an option I have missed?

Oh, I almost had a stroke because my computer wouldn't turn on this morning. I checked the obvious, that it had come unplugged but that was good so finally, I hauled the laptop back into the office from the living room and plugged it in to a different cord there and it came right up so apparently the other cord is bad. I was relieved because I had not yet backed up a bunch of  recent entries on my journal software. You can bet I will be doing it tonight!

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  1. It is so sad and frustrating when a beloved pet enters this stage of life. I sympathize. If your dog is active enough to tear off a diaper, then he's got life in him yet.