Saturday, March 4, 2017

Project Day

The rainy weather makes this day a good one for doing projects.

I started the day out poking around looking at fabric I have on hand and then reprinting the manual for a new-to-me sewing machine that my sister gave me. I don't do a lot of sewing, but with the meager offerings I am finding lately for clothes that I like and as long waist-ed as I am, I think it is time to get some sewing done.

Next project was to take photos of a bunch of my Mom's Barbie Dolls. It has been 10 years since she passed and I am not a doll collector so it is time to do the research needed to get them sold. Taking the pictures and looking each one up to try and determine values took quite a bit of time but I got the batch done that I have here and once I deal with them I will bring back more from storage and start the process over again.

My back rest pillow was getting pretty lumpy and "settled" and needing more stuffing so I picked up the pillow stuffing I needed a couple days ago and this morning I opened up the seam on the back rest and filled it up some more and sewed it back up; there is no point throwing it out when I can fix it cheaper than I can replace it.

Next on the list is going through a box of my Mom's old sewing patterns to see if there is anything I can use and if not put them in a pile to donate.  Have a blessed day!

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