Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wild Parrots and a Pet Parrot Named Killer

While perusing an article about things to see and do in Texas, I saw mention of the wild parrots that could be seen in and around Oliveira Park in Brownsville, TX.
The article reminded me of the time when we lived in Harlingen, TX which is not far from Brownsville.
The neighborhood we lived in was full of wild parrots and as it so happened we had a parrot in our home, a left over from a pet shop we had owned. I hesitate to call him a pet because he had a nasty temper. He was a beautiful double yellow head parrot though and we thought we would always have "Killer" as we called him because he made every attempt he could to bite us.
Well anyway, Killer got real excited every evening when he heard those wild parrots outside and he would screech and carry on until the noise was unbearable.
We decided he needed a new home but weren't sure about just letting him loose after being in a cage for so long.
We finally landed on the idea to donate our parrot to the zoo in Brownsville, which we did and they were happy to have him. It gave him a chance to be with other parrots and still have a certain amount of protection compared to the wild parrots that he liked to talk to so much.
As I thought about him today I realized that, assuming he is getting the good care I am sure he is, he is likely still there; his life expectancy is around 60-80 years.
If you get the opportunity to make a trip to the Rio Grande Valley, take time to look for the wild parrots. They are a feast for the eyes!
And if you are interested in the article with the list of things to see and do in Texas, well here is that link for you as well.
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  1. I hope Killer (what a name!) enjoys a long and happy life at the zoo.