Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Harvey Scramble

Yesterday hubby drove to Port O Connor, which is on the Texas coast, to help secure things at the water plant the company he works for manages there. At the time he said he might not be back till Saturday.

Tropical Storm Harvey is expected to strengthen to a Hurricane and drop 25 to 30 inches of rain depending on the area, and tidal surges of 6 to 10 feet.

My phone has been lit up with texts this morning.

First I heard from son and daughter-in-law. Son was heading inland with their kids since they live on the coast in the predicted landfall area, and his wife, who is a charge nurse at a nursing home was already at work and they were busily making plans to evacuate residents from there.

I heard more from hubby this morning and apparently they have done what they can do to secure the water treatment facility but with the amount of rain expected, there was no point riding out the storm, so he is heading back now.

Here where we live, the forecast is calling for a nice 1-4 inch rain which we very much need. I just wish it were not at the expense of waayyyy to much rain on the coast.

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  1. First, Harvey. Now, Irma. Followed by Jose. Unbelievable.