Friday, January 19, 2018

Glasses and Two Door States

So my Boston Terrier, ate my glasses a couple days ago. I wasn't happy about it but, 1. It was just as much my fault for leaving them out and 2. They are 10 years old and even though the prescription has not changed on them (I use contacts and the glasses are backups) they are long over due to be replaced.
While I have been trying to get the glasses replaced, my optometrist's staff seemed a little miffed about me wanting to move the prescription elsewhere to get cheaper glasses. Discussing this one night with hubby I mentioned all this and the fact that by law they are obligated to give me my glasses prescription and it should not even be a big deal after all these years since the 2 Door Law.
As I thought about that law I realized my optometrist did not have the two required separate entrances for the optometrist and the optical department and I wondered why; the law has been around for years, and it's purpose was to give customers the option and the feeling they could purchase eyewear elsewhere if they so chose.
I looked up the two door law and apparently it does not apply to all states, which I thought it did, and it also seems that the two door law is for corporate optometric practices so I take that to mean does not include independently owned practices. Anyway, it was interesting.

I am picking up my glasses prescription this afternoon and hopefully getting my bifocals ordered shortly after that.

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  1. I am sorry your Boston Terrier ate your glasses. When my daughter's dog ate my beddy-bye glasses (the heavy plastic ones I wear to read in bed that won't get bent out of shape if I fall asleep with them on), our optometrist suggested that I see my eye doctor first because the prescription was so old. The eye doctor suggested cataract surgery, which made sense. My eyes were definitely playing tricks on me. It was a long time before I had my new beddy-bye glasses. Moral: don't let your dog borrow or eat your glasses.


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